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Most Cruise nights start in May and go thru end of October, Captree and OBI go all year!!

SUNDAY OBI, Oak Beach, Ocean Pkwy, Babylon, NY **AM CRUISE** 7AM and on. Free admission. This is open to the public. Either at Captree or OBI parking lots. They are 2 minutes apart - down the road from each other


TUESDAY Cruise Nights

Oyster Bay Cruise Night.  Audrey Ave closed off. Local merchants Welcome All of the Car Nuts. $7.00 admission 6pm-10pm,  Sponsored by Oyster Bay Chamber of Commerce


WEDNESDAY Cruise Nights Milleridge Inn  Jericho, Route 106 and 25 **CRUISE NIGHT** 4PM-?? This is a public gathering - no admission charge.


THURSDAY Cruise Nights Wendy's Shopping Center. Montauk Hwy and Locust Ave. Oakdale, NY

**CRUISE NIGHT** 6PM. Free admission.


FRIDAY Cruise Nights Bellmore Train Station. Sunrise Highway, Bellmore, N **CRUISE NIGHT** 6-10PM. Open to all cars and trucks. Sponsered by Bellmore Chamber of Commerce. Public Gathering.  Room for 400 + cars! Keep it burnouts or loud music! NO DOUBLE PARKING, LET'S NOT LOSE THIS AGAIN!!


SATURDAY Cruise Night Deer Park Ave, former Pathmark shopping center, behind McDonalds. **CRUISE NIGHT** 5PM-?? PUBLIC GATHERING --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Stop and Shop Route 25,  Smithtown,  ¼ MILE EAST OF BULL **CRUISE NIGHT** 5pm-10pm  Public Gathering, Room for 250+, no motorcycles, Food and Facilities on site, NO BURN OUTS, NO LOUD MUSIC!!

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